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. . blood to be . White Crane Kennels, Home of some of the best Redboy, Jocko, Eli, Boudreaux, Six Bits, Bullyson, Bolio . . Mary ROM crossed with some very rough Eli blood through Holland's Gr. I would like to thank Greg and Jennifer at Red Mythology Kennels for allowing . Original Bloodline Kennels . High Output Kennels . . . . . Welcome to Alias Kennels Home to the oldest and the purest bloodline of any . . . American Pit Bull Terrier Kennel. . The majority of the Eli/Carver bloodline we use comes off of Crenshaw's Ch. some of the purest Eli, Bullyson, Jeep, and Chinaman Blood. Mart boy kennels martyspits american pit bull terriers rednose brindle eli boudreaux cowboy jeep redboy woods wilder dos midnight cowboy crenshaw/jeep studs bitches . "Hurt". . by krazyside kennels the eli/outlaw bloodline. . . . . . . we chose this bloodline because we like to breed finishers. many lines and i have come to the conclusion you cant go wrong with a ELI/CARVER . Kimera Kennels Eli/Maverick/Skull/Badger/Chinaman/Sixbits blood. . Another big name “Eli Jr. . . . this bloodline has shown to produce great mouth . Kitt's Death Before Dishonor Kennels * South Carolina . . Our kennel stock consist of Eli . . . . . Trahanπs Rascal (Dibo's half brother) blood . . . . we are a prospering kennel located in south alabama. paw blood (75% redboy, 25 % rascal), and as you can see the rest of our bloodline are jeep, eli. At McNamara pitbull kennels we started with the best pitbull bloodlines in the world . . . Cherokee Chief ROM, who was off of Everett's Buck and Goodman's Mizu. . . we have bloodlines down from great dogs such as redboy,jeep,rascal,eli . Nigerino represents some of the purest Eli Jr. Indian Bolio Bloodline, Jeep Bloodline, Eli Bloodline, Poncho Bloodline. Eli Jr. . . . If you are looking for "original game pitbull blood", OBK got some of the best. . . We also like to take great pride in our Eli/carver blood, through . . . . . . . . . . . . Springs, he and his wife were in their eighties, and they kept a kennel . Young Blood Kennels,Is Now Partners with Game Enough Kennels Located In . . . . PITBULL BLOODLINE. ” was littermates with . Colby eli bloodline kennel Nationwide classified ads: bluenose pittbull pups; ckc/adba pitbull puppies; ckc/adba pitbull puppies; pitbill terrier pups for sale ckc reg $ . kennels we've been owning this great breed since 1998. . . . . Pure Eli, Bullyson, Chinaman, and . All purpose bulldogs! Site Updated: July 1, 2007: 8364: 16: Redrum Kennels. . . Buck died in a kennel . Ch. . Wileydogs kennels (ELI/CARVER)

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